5 Helpful Tips for Using Facebook Marketplace to Furnish Your Entire Home

If I had a dollar for every time someone walked into my home, asked where I bought a piece of furniture and my answer was Facebook Marketplace…! I kid you NOT, more than half of the items in my entire home are second hand and gently used.

And I’m not too proud to admit it!

I’ve had lots of practice over the years and have developed kind of a reputation for finding great deals on Marketplace.

Here I’m going to share with you why I rely so much on it to furnish our home, show you which pieces in my home are second hand, and finally offer 5 helpful tips for using Facebook Marketplace to furnish your own home.

Why I Use Facebook Marketplace?

Years ago when my kids were still babies and chalk painting became a huge craze, I was a relentless furniture hunter! My husband would joke about me dumpster diving – which I never actually did. But if we were driving down the road and I spotted furniture that someone had tossed for garbage pickup, into our Ford Explorer it went!

Once I discovered Facebook Marketplace and realized I could score a lot more pieces in a lot less time (and for the same minimal cost), I was hooked. Now I come to rely on it for nearly anything that would be deemed more costly than I’m comfortable spending.

Which, for all intent purposes, means most furnishings.

The truth is, we stretched ourselves to live in this town, in this neighborhood and in this home. I don’t mind telling you that our annual property taxes are $30k. Ahem, excuse me while I wipe my tears.

We have a beautiful home and love living here. But all 4,500 square feet of it were going to be VERY costly to furnish if I didn’t come up with a creative strategy.

And I am SO glad I didn’t “judge” using Facebook Marketplace those years ago. Some people are weirded out by the idea of second hand. Sure, I probably won’t buy used clothing or a mattress, perhaps, off Marketplace for obvious reasons.

However, with interior styles constantly evolving and new looks every season (sounds like fashion, no?!), brand new furniture just doesn’t hold its value the way it used to.

Which means you and I scoring great deals on pre-owned pieces! Sure, the process requires some patience, leg work, and safety measures (sadly, there are creeps on Marketplace too).

But I’m here to say…it’s worth it, ya’ll!!

What I’ve Found on Facebook Marketplace for My Home

When we first moved into our current home, it stayed empty for several weeks with the exception of clothing and kids toys. That’s because we were waiting for all of our big furniture pieces to come out of storage (where it sat for 4 years while we lived in Barcelona) and get delivered here.

In my mind, I had placed where everything would go. But once the 18-wheeler pulled down our street and everything was unloaded, I quickly realized my vision was way off. More than half of our big bulky furniture was never going to fit!

Which meant only one thing…it had to be sold.

I took to Facebook Marketplace and watched over the course of six months our treasured pieces get sold off one by one. Yes, it was sad – but it also meant we would welcome NEW furniture!

Once again, this did NOT mean perusing the aisles of the local Restoration Hardware and Arhaus stores and ogling at the showroom floor.

Rather, it meant getting creative and using my meticulous eye to snag great second hand deals. Here are some of them!

5 Helpful Tips for Using Facebook Marketplace

1. Set Your Radius

If you’re new to Marketplace, the good news is there isn’t much of a learning curve. On your mobile devise, Marketplace can be found at the bottom Home Screen marked by a little storefront icon. Cute!

Once you enter the realm of Marketplace, you’ll want to set your zip code and radius. This keeps your search to sellers that are within the distance you specify.

I have mine set to no more than 15 miles – since I really would rather not drive an hour for an arm chair or coffee table.

2. Join Location Specific Sell Groups

Whatever town you live in most likely has a few Buy/Sell groups for locals. I know in the Chicago suburb where we are, there are at least a dozen!

Join them ALL as well as a few nearby towns you won’t mind traveling to. This will help expand your search and also allow you to post any items you plan to sell to a wider audience.

3. Use Specific Keywords

Like with any search on the web, the more specific you are the better the results. In this case, be specific about exactly what you’re looking for.

Rather than search for “dining table” why not type in “round pedestal 60” dining table”? This will help save you time and avoid hours scrolling through every other dining table you definitely don’t want!

Lastly, use brand names. Yup! You would be AMAZED at some of the designer deals you can score on Marketplace from brands like Arhaus, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel…

Have I got your attention now?!

4. Save Searches & Set Notifications

No one wants to spend hours on Marketplace! After all, the whole idea here is to SAVE time. So by setting up notifications and saved searches under the Marketplace Account page you’ll find out about newly listed items as soon as they’re posted.

You can also choose to be notified about similar listings. How cool! For example, if you are searching for a Studio McGee ottoman, a similar listing might also be of interest.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

In most cases, buying second hand furniture means there is room to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to ask, what’s the worst that can happen?

Even you’ve seen the price of an item reduced several times, don’t assume the seller won’t budge further. It more likely means they’re anxious to sell!

Respectfully, asking for 15%-20% off a listing price is okay. Anything less than that may come off as insulting – and will probably also piss off the seller!