Decorating for Christmas When You Don’t Love Red

For the gal or guy that loves decorating for Christmas but isn’t into the color red, these tips will help.

Christmas in our home has taken on different styles through the years. When my husband and I were first married, we chose the fattest fraser fur the Christmas tree farm had and carted it back to our little second floor apartment.

Just starting out in our new home, we decked the halls (literally) with everything from bows and poinsettia, glitter and garland, ornaments of every color, shape and size! And LOADS of red. Because Christmas always means red…right?!

To say we went a little overboard wouldn’t be a stretch. These memories of our early holiday decorating bring me joy and also some laughs. But these days, three children and 15 years of marriage later, my holiday style has really been edited over the years. What I’ve come to realize is that I really don’t love red.

I haven’t eliminated it completely from my Christmas decor, but it only appears in tiny accents – rather than dominate an entire look – including our tree!

Does that mean if you’re like me and cringe at the idea of a red explosion, your home just won’t look Christmasy? Of course not! With a careful eye and just the right touch of sparkle, your holiday decor can look beautifully edited and monochromatic. I like to think of my Christmas style as elegant and elevated.

Let me show you how I tackled this in our home…

Decorating for Christmas When You Don’t Love Red

Choose Your Base Greenery

Choosing a base of greenery is like selecting the main dish of a meal. Everything else sort of falls into place once you have your greenery decided on. Garland, wreaths and stems are what I’m referring to…

Cedar is huge this year and I wasn’t shy to jump right on this movement! Something about how fluffy and natural cedar drapes makes it the perfect greenery for staircases, balconies and mantles. I even had a little fun and laid a 6′ section over our entryway table.

Often times you’ll see cedar interwoven with other greenery textures such as eucalyptus or olive leaves. This gorgeous Studio McGee garland is what I used on my staircase and get soo many compliments! This look is simply stunning and appears high end, but of course is extremely affordable.

If your budget is a little more flexible, try this gorgeous cedar garland.

Choose An Accent Color(s)

After greenery comes a rather important decision! What color will you use in place of red? Our home is fairly neutral with lots of whites and greys so I incorporated various shades of blue such as French blue and turquoise.

I wouldn’t typically consider blue to be a holiday color, but when added to our tree, in accent pillows, and with satin ribbon it felt fresh and modern without being cold.

Try thinking about your everyday home decor. What colors do you lean most towards? If you are into cool neutrals like me, blues and even greens (various shades that pop in garland/wreaths) work beautifully. If your style is more mid-century, deep browns and blacks will compliment nicely.

I’ve even seen deep purple (not Barney purple) on a Christmas tree which was so memorable! Whatever you decide, own it – it will look fabulous.

Determine Your Sparkle Factor

This is where you really want to use your editorial eye. It’s easy to get carried away with sparkle during Christmas. And hey, what better excuse right?! We could all use a little more sparkle in our lives these days.

However, the goal is not to make your home look like the holiday stems aisle at Michaels. I literally leave that store with glitter on my face!

So what’s the best way to incorporate sparkle? Use the less is more rule of thumb. Start out by adorning greenery with gold and silver – picks, stems, roping, ornaments, even tinsel! Remember the sparkle is meant to accentuate your existing decor – not dominate it.

Lights, Lights, Lights

Nothing says Christmas more than the twinkle of candles and a string of lights. I am loving these battery operated pillar candles from Amazon and they are truly all over our house. Most specifically I used them to add a warm Christmas feel to our otherwise dark wood staircase. They were the perfect touch!

Pillars, taper, tea lights – all work beautifully to enhance your holiday decor. And the best part is, you can keep them around long after Christmas is over. The best winter accessory for your home is candles, don’t you agree?

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